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Advanced Program

Advanced Program

It works day and night.
The Advanced Herbalife program includes the Quickstart weight management program plus an extra herbal antioxidant drink to help cleanse your body and also helps you absorb the nutrients more effectively.
Berry, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla  

Your contact consultant is:
Name:Christine Edis
Phone:1300-302-680   or  * we will call back   or  SMS: 0407-197-215

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Twenty-four hours a day, from head to toe, inside and out, the Advanced Herbalife weight management program works to fulfil your fitness and weight management goals. Added to the Advanced program is Herbalife's Thermojectics Instant Herbal Beverage. This refreshing drink, rich in antioxidants, contains a select blend of distinct herbs and botanicals. Together with a well balanced, calorie-reduced diet and appropriate exercise, Thermojectics contributes to the building and preservation of the body's normal vitality and well-being by providing additional fluids to your Herbalife weight management program.

Each Advanced Herbalife weight management program contains:

Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake Mix
Formulated with an exclusive blend of selected proteins, vitamins, minerals and herbs. Low in calories, low in fat and a valuable source of fibre. Provides 18 amino acids (from protein) to help the body function at its optimum level. Choose from four delicious flavours: French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Berry and Cookies & Cream.

Formula 2 - Multivitamin Complex
A daily multivitamin scientifically developed to supply your body with a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals plus select herbs, for everyday good health.

Formula 5 - Cell-U-Loss
Plant-based ingredients and minerals to help support healthy elimination of water, fluid balance and promote the appearance of healthy skin.

1x Active Fibre Complex - Apple
Provides a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre and contributes to regular laxation.

N.R.G (Nature's Raw Guarana)
A gentle, natural herb that can increase mental alertness and help maintain stamina levels.


Instant Herbal Beverage.
A concentrated blend of fast-acting herbs with thermogenic and antioxidant properties for a beverage that gives you an added lift and works to improve weight loss.

UPDATE NOTE: The Chitosan Fibre Complex has been replaced in the programs with Active Fibre Complex. The Chitosan Fibre Complex can now be purchased separately as an individual product to add into your program.

The Herbalife weight management programs are effective when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled eating plan and depends on your personal metabolism.

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